Meditation has been proven effective in stabilizing the mental activity and reducing the blood pressure. In addition, it can reduce some symptoms of serious illnesses. In this article, we will discuss the best colors for your meditation room that will help you feel relaxed.

Understanding the Best Colors for Your Meditation Room and How It Can Affect Your Mood

According to the science of colors, just being in the presence of certain colors can help you uplift your mood and calm your nerves. In the case that you are feeling too much stress, colors can be used as a stress-management tool. Here, we created a short list of colors that can help you detoxify and eliminate your anxiety.


Blue represents calm and peace. The gentle tone of blue will impart a powerful energy that can help you manage your stress. The soothing color is an effective way to calm your nerves. As opposed to the red color, this can stabilize your heart rate. It can also reduce anxiety and decrease blood pressure.

Blue also have the astringent and cooling properties. When you are looking for a blue shade that will help you in your meditation, it is advisable to look for neutral and softer pigment of blue. You can introduce this color to your bedroom that will help you fall asleep easily.


Green is known for being quiet and restful. It is a symbolism of nature that makes it one of the most comforting and relaxing color. It harmonizes our emotions and will dispel any types of anxieties in our hearts. This will make us feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Nonetheless, you do not want to surround yourself with the darker shade of green since they correspond to greed. It is best to use yellow green or beige green.


Another color that can help you remain in your tranquil state would be pink. According to Feng Shui, pink is known for stabilizing the different energies present in your room. It emanates a peaceful energy that creates a sense of balance in their environment.

While pink may be a symbol of femininity that is usually incorporated in the room of a baby girl, it will still look elegant in any room. If you want to keep a balance energy, surround yourself with this color.


If you are seeking for enlightenment or clarity, white would be the best color that you can use for meditation. This is the best color to use if you are feeling a heightened level of anxiety and stress. White can help you reach a better decision.

According to the expert, white can also deliver a range of benefits to pregnant women. Nonetheless, you should make sure that it is a bright shade of white. Stark or dull white can promote a dull behavior and emotion.


Violet represents peace, wisdom, and strength. Apart from giving you a sense of inner peace, it can also introduce balance in your life. A lot of people will consider painting their walls with violet to develop a peaceful surrounding.

Furthermore, violet can also promote the growth of our bone. It balances the amount of sodium and potassium inside our body. There are also past reports that stated that the effect of meditation can be magnified 10 times when done in a violet room. This can greatly strengthen the power of meditation.

However, too much violet can also create a state of imbalance. Too avoid using too much violet, you may use this shade on your ornaments and decorations.


Most people think that grey is a dull and boring color. Some believes that it is a color that promote depression. Nevertheless, it still has a cooling and soothing ambiance. It creates a perfect background that can highlight other colors. When grey is paired with lighter colors such as white and blue, it tends to create a rejuvenating setting.


While an imbalanced yellow represents jealousy, it is also a color that represents happiness and other positive emotions. It will make you energetic and lively as soon as you are surrounded with this color.

In case you need energy to start your day, you want to make sure that you will keep a steady amount of yellow in your room. You need to introduce this on the key areas of your house such as your kitchen and living area.

How to Choose the Right Color for Meditation

When you are picking a scheme, there is no concrete rules to follow when creating a room for meditation. Some people will choose a color theme according to their personal taste and preference. There are also factors that you may consider in creating the perfect place for meditation.

Colors that Will Affect You

As we mentioned here, different colors will affect us in various ways. Color psychology explains that specific colors can introduce changes in our mental, emotional, and physical aspects.

There are colors that are known for stabilizing our blood pressure, reducing hunger, and affecting temperature. It is best to look for colors that will have positive impact towards you.

Meditating Before Choosing

A lot of people will see colors while they are meditating. Meditating allows you to touch on your sixth sense that can be an effective guide on searching for the colors that can uplift your emotion.

Our mind is a powerful tool that can provide us answers to the colors that is perfectly suitable for our space.

How Colors Will Make You Feel

Inspect how the colors will make you feel. Try to list how these colors can impart you with certain emotions. The above list of colors will only serve as your guide. Depending on the culture and your experience, the emotion that you will feel can differ.

For instance, red may stimulate strong feeling for the people of the west but for those who are in the Asian region, red represents fortune and goodwill.

Keep it Balanced

Understand that too much of something can be sickening. The same thing can be applied when choosing for a color for your meditation room. Never focus on a single color.

The dominant color should comprise 60% of your meditation room color. Other complementary color should be 30% and 10% and can be made up of decorations and accessories.


You should also pay attention to the light that you used in your meditation room since it can affect the pigment of your walls. When creating a meditation room, low lighting is recommended.

Make sure that the place is properly ventilated, and if possible, allow the natural lighting to illuminate the area. Most places for meditation are dark. You can use candle or low-intensity bulb to achieve the perfect ambiance.

Choosing a Theme

A theme can provide you all the necessary thing to build your meditation room. This will include the architectural style as well as the color that you need.

For those who are not planning a complete renovation, you may alter the furnishing and the color of your walls.

Temple Theme

Creating a temple theme is inspired from the temples found in Asian countries. Some of the accessories that you will need include statues, wood carving, wall art, candles, and incense stick.


This is an incredible color for people who want to be surrounded with a variety of colors. This will give you flexibility in choosing your furnishing and colors for your walls.


This is one of the most common themes for meditation rooms. This is free from all kinds of clutter and will only use the basic type of furniture. The best color to use in this theme would be blue, white, and pale yellow. You may add some few mats where you can sit and meditate.


If you want to replicate the emotion from your past spa vacation, creating a resort theme meditation room would be a good idea. You may use green, aquamarine, and sky blue for your walls.

With regards to obtaining the benefits of meditation, there is no concrete formula. There is also no recipe that you can follow though this practice has been proven effective by science. Some people will enjoy the benefits by doing this as soon as they woke up and others might experience the advantages by doing this before they retreat to their bedroom.

Since meditation practice has become a popular way to detoxify stress and create a sense of balance, you should ask your close friends and family members about their unique practice. You can discover incredible ideas that you may want to integrate on your meditation room.

Choosing the best colors for your meditation room can be daunting due to the available colors in the spectrum. Hopefully, by using this article as your guide, you will be able to choose the color that suits you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !