It has also been proven that color can have a direct impact towards the different aspects of our life such as our mood, focus, and concentration.

By exposing your workers to the colors for focus and concentration, the productivity of your business will be greatly improved.

Identifying the Colors for Focus and Concentration

You’ll find it difficult to focus on your daily work due to the distractions that we will face. Fortunately, there is a way that you can decorate your house that will help you enhance your concentration and productivity. Understand that your choice of colors can have a huge impact towards your focus.


Blue has the power to encourage better performance and improve mind flow. It can promote a slower heart rate and has the power to reduce blood pressure.

This can encourage a relaxing type of atmosphere that will be a good place to work or to study. It is mind stimulating that allows the fresh ideas to flow constantly in your mind.

The deeper shades of the blue can support the thought process of your brain. Lighter spectrum of blue can advance your concentration.

Blue is considered as intellectual color. This is the representation of efficiency, trust, communication, and logic. If your work area requires mental strain and focus, you should use this as the dominant color in your office.


Red can serve as a stimulant that will pump your heart and blood. It is powerful that can lead to a strong response on physical terms.

This is the representation of our excitement, strength, and courage. This is the best color to use in a place that requires physical exertion.

Red can improve concentration only if you are not easily fazed of high-stressed environment. If not, this color can be overwhelming that can affect your productivity.

You can use this on jobs that are physically demanding. Some careers that can improve their concentration with red include tree surgeon, personal trainer, and trades people.


Yellow is known for its energizing property and its power to stimulate positivity. It can calm our emotion and boost our level of confidence.

Therefore, this can be an exciting color to introduce in your workspace or study room since it can get you on your right mood that will improve the result of your work. This can affect us on psychological level that aims to promote creativity.

  • Yellow is considered an emotional pigment.
  • It is a symbolism of confidence, optimism, and friendliness.
  • If you are an entrepreneur or an innovator, you need fresh ideas to constantly flow on your mind and inspire you. In case you have been stuck on a specific idea, being exposed in a room covered with yellow can squeeze your creative juice.
  • Yellow can also imbue you with positive behavior that will make you optimistic.


Green promotes harmony and balance. It is the color that represents restoration and nature. Compared to red that is also a stimulating color, green will not put strain on your eyes.

It can create balance in the presence of other primary shades. It encourages a sense of reassurance and calmness.

This is a good choice of color if you are feeling overwhelmed on the number of tasks that you need to accomplish.

  • Green can enhance your focus and concentration if you feel more productive when working in a calm environment.
  • If you plan to work for long hours, this is an excellent color since your eyes will not feel tired when exposed to it.
  • Walls on the medical offices will often be painted with green since they want to encourage a state of balance.


Orange combines the stimulating effect of red and the positivity of yellow which makes it an excellent color to strengthen our concentration.

Apart from that, this can also encourage productivity. Orange can also encourage you to maintain the organization in your room.

This will make you feel more motivated in your work or study. You should be cautious when choosing the brightness of orange. Too much brightness can be stimulating but also distracting.

  • Orange has the power to create comfort. It has always been related with warmth and food. This makes it a good choice of color for kitchen.
  • It can also be used in your office lounge especially if the nature of the work is not too conservative.

How Colors Can Improve Concentration?

Based on the latest study conducted at the University of Texas, bland colors such as white, beige, and gray can induce the feeling of sadness and depression particularly among women.

The male population will experience the same mood when they are exposed on orange and purple spaces. Furthermore, supplemental scientific studies have proved that colors will not only affect our emotion but also our productivity and concentration.

Therefore, it is necessary to decorate your space with colors that are stimulating and can help you focus.

  • Colors in Lower Wavelength – The colors that are found in the lower wavelength such as the calming shade of blue and relaxing green can enhance our focus and efficiency. They can provide you with a better sense on your well-being. If you want a happier and more positive workspace, the colors found in the lower wavelength would be the better choice.
  • Colors in Higher Wavelength – On the contrary, colors included in the higher wavelength especially red can be alarming and intense. This color inspires passion and can increase people’s alertness.
  • Mellow Colors – The pale colors can appear to be fresh. It can also trigger creativity and innovation.

Choosing the colors from your cubicle to your factory floor should be considered carefully. You should try harnessing the power of the color that will enhance your employee’s concentration, productivity, and efficiency.

Coloring Has Been Proven to Improve Concentration

Focus and concentration is absolutely crucial especially among kids. Concentration should be taught during their early years in order to help them succeed in life and improve their performance in school.

Their ability to focus on a single task and complete this should be recognized as an important life lesson. Whenever people talk about focus and concentration, they will often think that they need to remove distraction.

However, simply eliminating distraction will not be a long-term solution in improving your concentration.

Improving Student’s Concentration through Coloring Pages

Coloring page provide the students with carefree and simple task that they can complete without the supervision and help of the adult.

The variety of colors that they can use can enhance their concentration and improve the rate of finishing the task.

  • Kids will find this task enjoyable that will encourage them to complete the task regardless of the presence of distractions.
  • Coloring can also boost the student’s focus and concentration skills. This will help them during the more advanced study such as mathematics.

You Should Not Simply Consider the Color

Based on the interview with the experts, the ability of the color to soothe or stimulate depends upon their saturation and intensity.

Therefore, you should pick a color that will have an impact towards your emotion, body, and mind. After that, you will have to think about the brightness of the color. The tone can improve your productivity rate.

Experts claimed that it is possible to enhance your focus and efficiency with the help of colors. Nonetheless, you should choose the color according to the nature of your work. You should choose color that is not too dull or not excessively bold.

Colors that Will Help Teenagers Improve their Concentration

If you are one of those teenagers who lack the drive to study, you may want to consider changing the paint of your room. Based on color psychology, some colors will be better if you plan to introduce it on your study room since it has the capacity to enhance your concentration.


Blue can boost your productivity which makes it an excellent paint for your teen’s room. Avoid the pale shade of blue if you want to encourage them to study. Cerulean blue and turquoise are the best option.


Just like blue, green belongs in the cooler color wavelength that will make your room tranquil. This will greatly enhance your level of concentration. Moss green and fresh sage would be the better choice for your teen’s room.


This is a good choice for those who have students that have habit of dozing off while doing their homework. It can increase the energy of your kid which he badly needed when cramming for exam.


This can also be a good option for your teen’s room. Dandelion and banana-yellow would be the excellent choice for a home office or your family room.


Concentration can greatly improve your efficiency, productivity and your capacity to learn. When choosing the right paint for your workspace or room, consider the colors for focus and concentration.

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