The term is derived from Eurasian teal. This is a type of duck found on freshwater that is known for its teal stripe. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive view of the teal color meaning.

An Overview of the Teal Color Meaning

The teal was first used to indicate the color in the year 1917. Teal is known to posses the stability of the blue personality and the optimism of the green people.

It is also the color that signifies spiritual and mental balance. It may also mean that you are smart and unique.

Femininity – Teal refers to the sweet and feminine energy. It also evokes a feeling of sophistication. Usually, people will use this to depict the color of water.

Independence – You prefer to be independent, but people can also rely onto you.

Creativity – With your independence, you often prefer to think things yourself. This will improve your ingenuity and creativity.

Thoughtfulness – People who are attracted towards teal are known for their even temper. They are talented in mediating and helping the two parties find a compromise.

Pretentious – Teal may also mean something that is pretentious. They also tend to overthink on some things.

A Short History of Teal

Teal has been included in the original web colors that has been introduced in 1987 by HTML. Just like the turquoise color, it is a mix of green and blue but a bit darker.

It has lower saturation level that makes it more visible to the human eye. The teal became popular in the 1990s especially in the sports market.

Out of the 22 sports team that joined the professional and major leagues, at least 6 of them choose teal as their official color.

Around 13 teams in the NHL, MLB, NFL, and NBA uses teal in their sports uniform.  This is the color that defined a decade of sports history.

Digital film has started to advance in the year 2000s. This introduced a year of revolutionary color editing. The movie editors have gained the ability to apply a uniformed color scheme to their film. To highlight the warmer tones of the actor, the movie editor will use teal.

Teal on Marketing and Business

Teal is a natural color that you will encounter in your environment. It is the color that evokes tropical forests and lagoons.

According to the survey, most US locals choose green or blue as their favorite shade. This makes the teal tint in between.

Teal is a color that company often used in their logo. It gives a sense of warmth and comfort to their customers. You can also find it on web designs that can improve the enthusiasm of your audience.

Apart from this, this color is also prominent on home interior landscape. The calming hue of the teal makes it a staple in the interior design.

Teal will highlight the sophistication of a room with a neutral shade. This will not be as standard as the blue and green color and this will not be as bright as turquoise or cyan that makes the place unique. It also blends perfectly with gold, maroon and coral.

The Psychology of Teal

Apart from positiveness and stability it also highlights the healing properties of green and blue shade. Experts believe that this color has the capacity to neutralize acid level.

It is known to encourage muscle and physical growth. It can also relieve pain associated with rheumatism, viral infection and abdominal pain.

This color emanates a natural dignity.

It is elegant yet calm.

How Teal Affects Your Personality

Understand that being exposed to this color will also have certain effect on your personality. Most of them are positive but too much teal can also lead to negative influence.

You believe that you are a reliable individual.

People will think that you are more approachable. This will help in bringing peace and tranquility inside your home. By having a peaceful home, it will also invite great fortune.

Teal can make people yearn for wisdom and truth.

It also supports people with their analytical thinking.

It may influence people to become too egocentric, and fussy. This may prompt people to ignore logic.

People can become secretive which can sometimes be bad.

Individuals who are attracted to teal tint are known for being open minded.  They also have tendencies to become an artist. If you are drawn toward this color, learning about the teal color meaning will provide you multiple benefits.

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