Brown Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – The Color Brown

Brown can amaze you with the richness of its color. Fawn, mahogany, auburn, and coffee, brown is a color that catches your eye and gets your attention. It is the color of the earth, of rain soaked rain forests, of a rural landscape and the cyclic rhythms of the year. It describes fruitfulness, courage and […]

What Your Nail Color Says About You

Most people will initially think that the color of their nails is just for aesthetics. However, according to color psychology, the shade that you choose can reflect your emotion, personality, and mood during the time that you are wearing the color. There are colors that will make you feel sexier and confident and colors that […]

What Does Your Lipstick Color Say About You

Lipsticks are the most simple and captivating part of a woman’s beauty product. The type of lipstick you use speaks more about your personality and when you use lipsticks, it attracts more attention to you depending on the color used. When you want to choose the type of lipstick that is best for you, whether […]

What Does Your Hair Color Say About You

Our hair color has been associated to a lot of stereotypes. Sexy brunettes, dumb blondes, and hot-headed red heads. While most of these are simply assumptions, some people will still base their first impression on the hair color of the person. To guarantee that people will view you the way you want them to, it […]

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You Sexually

We know that color reflects a person’s personality, nature, and some of their likes and their dislikes. If you check your wardrobe, you will notice how a specific color will dominate it. You will also realize how you will be attracted to certain textures and patterns. All of these are indication of your preferred shade. […]

What Does Your Car Color Say About You

For those who are in the process of purchasing a new car, you might want to carefully think about the color of the vehicle that you plan to buy. According to the experts, the color of your auto speaks volume about your personality. Based on the survey conducted by JCT600, the car driver will develop […]

What Color is Taupe – Meaning, Personality & Psychology

Taupe is considered as a color found between the color spectrum of gray and dark brown. They will be sharing the attributes of both these shades. Nonetheless, this will not refer to a particular color. It can be used to describe a large selection of color from brownish gray to dark tan. It is a […]

Teal Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – What Color is Teal

Teal is a mixture of the green and blue tint. They are closely related to cyan and turquoise but with a deeper shade. It possesses a calm and cool attribute. It is also often associated to wisdom, energy, sophistication, and femininity. The term is derived from Eurasian teal. This is a type of duck found […]

Psychological Effects of Color on Human Behavior

Colors wield a powerful influence on you. They can change your mood and influence your behavior. While softer, pastel tints are calming and soothing, bright red and orange are vivid colors that revitalize, invigorate and energize. The psychology of colors is a science that studies the psychological effects of color on human behavior. The study […]

Image menBlue Green Aura Meaning & Personality – What Does A Blue Aura Mean

There are colors of aura that are not usually discussed. These are colors of aura that some people do not easily recognized. Blue green is one of the rare type of auras that belongs to the healers. Since this is a mixture of blue and green, it possessed the qualities of both colors. This aura […]