To guarantee that people will view you the way you want them to, it is essential to learn the answer to the question ‘what does your hair color say about you’.

A Complete Guide on What Does Your Hair Color Say About You

According to science, the color of our hair is formed by a substance known as melanin. This substance will be produced by the root found in our hair bulb with the help of the cells known as melanocytes.

Additionally, according to a separate research, the stereotypes related with hair color can affect us.

Do You Have Red Hair?

Some people believe that the red hair is a feature that was inherited from the Neanderthals. However, according to science, this is a type of gene mutation. This type of hair has a significant place in our society.

According to the statistics, at least 10% of the population of England and Scotland have this type of hair color. Some Pakistanis will have this color and it is rare in the Asian region.

In UK, red-haired people are being teased as ginger, which is considered as a racist remark. Germany believes that red is a representation of devil, and women with this hair color are believed to be practicing witchcraft based on the local folklores.

Traits and Personality of People with Red Hair Color

People with red hair are often viewed as passionate, fiery, alluring, and romantic people. However, their personality can vary. Some of them will have bad temper and can easily be agitated.

They can also be seductive and at the same time opinionated. They can also be highly excited which is caused by their reduced stress hormones.

People with Blonde Hair

Globally speaking, blondes are quite uncommon. It can only manifest among Europeans and Americans. Nonetheless, around 5% of the population of the indigenous people in Solomon Island will have this hair color.

This is quite surprising especially for a place that is commonly dominated by people with dark skin. According to the study, this color is the result of a single gene.

However, the locals are still associating their hair color to heightened sun exposure and seafood diet.

Traits and Personality of Blondes

Some people will view blondes as individuals that require high maintenance. According to the statistics, the divorce rate among blondes are higher compared to other hair color.

Color psychology explains that blondes are naïve, youthful, and more feminine. They are also obedient; therefore, more gentlemen prefer their company.

Those Who Are Brunettes

This type of hair color is predominant among Asian, African, and South American citizens. In Europe, this is considered exotic just as how blondes are rare on Asian countries.

A study was conducted to determine which type of hair is more attractive. The participant which involve a girl was asked to enter a bar multiple times wearing different hair colors.

Most of the men claimed that the girl is more appealing and attractive when she is brunette. They also claimed that the girl appeared to be better with regards to relationship.

Traits and Personality of Brunettes

Did you know that majority of awardees of the Nobel prize are brunettes? Therefore, they are commonly viewed as hard-working and persistent people.

However, it is also possible for them to give up especially if they believe that the path that they are taking will not lead them to their desired result.

They are also serious, and most people prefer to cultivate a long-term romantic relationship with them. Unfortunately, the rate of going bald is higher among people with these hair color.

Individuals with Black Hair

While most men will prefer blondes, women love men with black hair color. They appear to be meditative, introspective, and deep. They usually have a melancholic and serious type of personality.

As your hair goes darker, the possibility of developing a non-Hodgkin lymphoma becomes higher. This is due to the DNA Coding that affect the risk of this disease.

Traits and Personality of People with Black Hair

People with dark hair are known to be interested on spirituality, poetry, and religion. They are self-centered and serious. However, they also tend to develop self-doubt. They can be excellent therapists.

Artificial Colors of Hair

Studies have already proven that colors can affect our personality. While we cannot choose our natural hair color, we can still dye our hair with artificial hair colorings. Consequently, the way that the public perceive us can change depending our choice.


This hair color will make us appear calm and collected. It can boost our confidence level and people will trust us more.

Someone who choose to dye their hair with this color may have these personalities or they aspire to have these traits. They are logical people and they think carefully before they implement their action.

They are likely to maintain a rational thinking. They are usually not in-touch with their emotional side. Therefore, people will see them as cold and aloof.


People who choose their hair color are strongly associated with their feelings. They choose to be calm rather than to be aggressive.

They are known for their femininity, empathy, and their nurturing behavior. They try to express their emotion, but they also hate confrontation.


Greens are always connected to nature and healing. Those who have this color are perhaps nature loving and they want to absorb the healing and growth effect of green. They are searching for a well-balanced life.


Purple is associated with creativity, intuition, and mystery. It can also be related to spirituality, magic, royalty, and wealth.

People with purple hair are commonly fascinated with the unknowns and things that can’t be explained.

When they are faced with a dilemma, they will find the answer using conventional and uncommon measures.

Purple is an advocate of harmony of our mind and emotion. This greatly contributes to our stability and peace of mind. This can serve as our link to the physical and spiritual world.


People think that you are highly unpredictable, and you have a complex personality. Sometimes, you seem to think that you have a dual type of personality.

Ombre is a French term that can be translated as shadow. This will reflect your personality which can be as bright as a sun but also have a dark shadow.

Due to your complicated personality, people will find it hard to understand you. However, those who will choose to stick with you will love you unconditionally.


You love to experience new things and are drawn towards fresh adventures. People who choose this bright and warm color is usually the leader of the group. They do not want to be common and they love to stand out.


Those who are drawn towards the magnificent white hair are known to be the epitome of perfection and purity. You strive to be free from any flaws and you hate drama that makes people trust you easily.

People will think that you can always keep your composure regardless of the situation. You have a desire to remain pure, but it does not necessarily mean that you can.

Nonetheless, you still take pride in having this pure aura. However, you should still not forget to have fun.


if you love the silver hair color, you are most probably sophisticated and sleek (or at the very least you wish to be). You have a modern type of personality and you prefer to keep up with the latest trend.

Nonetheless, you still have the habit of keeping things classy. Usually, silver is used to depict things as classy, modern, and sleek such as cars.

People will be attracted to you just as how they are being attracted to cars. They are attracted to your sophistication. They love to be like you especially on the way you carry yourself.

Your ability to remain trendy will draw the admirers toward you. However, there are also people that can be jealous towards you.

Not a lot of information has been documented among people who choose to dye their hair. Those people who choose the extreme colors are usually hoping to uplift themselves due to a difficult or tragic time.

There are also people who want some change in their life.

There are also people who dye their hair to restore the original hair color. Color combination is also not unusual for people who choose to color their hair.


The way we look and present our self to the world can define our personality. The cars that we drive, or the color of our cloth can sometimes reveal our hidden traits. According to the color expert, hair color can become a reflection of our identity.

You can alter your personality depending on the color of hair that you choose. Therefore, you need to know the answer to the question- what does your hair color say about you.

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