What Does the Color Red Mean Spiritually

Red has long been associated with passion. This is a form of symbolic association that is universally accepted. However, you are probably asking what does the color red mean spiritually. The spiritual association of red can be vast and may vary. Red represents the base or the root of our chakra. It is found below […]

Yellow Aura Meaning & Personality

Yellow can represent the positive things that will come to you in the future. It can be related to a good harvest, success, abundance in wealth, new beginnings, or other great things that may happen. If your spirit is exuding with yellow aura, then this can simply mean that your emotion is in a very […]

What Does the Color Grey Mean Spiritually

Grey is a type of color that is quite rare when they manifest as an aura. However. Once it does, it will usually carry a profound meaning. Some people will think that it has a gloomy spirit. It is dull and can be made from combining black and white which are both plain colors. Therefore, […]

What Does The Color Blue Mean In The Bible

Basically, there are three primary colors which include red, yellow, and blue. They are coined as such as these are the hues that came from Earth and cannot be formed by mixing any other colors. The first primary color is Oudem which is red and is literally translated to “red clay”. Oudem has been associated […]

Best Colors for Your Meditation Room

Creating a place for meditation is like having a personal sanctuary where you can regain your sense of equilibrium and detoxify all the stress. Our modern lifestyle encourages people to be proactive that will usually lead to anxiety and stress. People need to unwind and refresh their physical and mental health. Meditation has been proven […]

What Color is My Aura and What Does it Mean

Every living thing will emit an energy field and their properties can be identified through the unique colors of aura. Cultures and religions have different terms about this. Sometimes this can be called as a spirit or soul. Others refer to this as chi or chakra. Knowing what color is your chakra and what does […]