Graduation Hoods and Robes – Color Meanings & Symbolism

Graduation ceremonies at the universities and colleges are exciting and colorful occasions. This is a mark that the students will be opening a new chapter in their lives. Commencement exercises will be packed with graduation gowns, and hoods that is as many as the colors in the rainbow. All graduation hoods and robes will carry […]

Feather Color Meanings & Symbolism

If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering if finding a feather with a specific color has a secret meaning. According to some, feathers are a unique way that nature or the divine realm communicates with humans. For a starter, feathers can be a sign coming from your deceased loved ones, the spirit, […]

Cyan is a tint of blue that is found in the spectrum of green and blue. Therefore, the cyan color meaning is associated with both colors. It highlights the development related with green and the relaxation of blue. It is also known to transmit the energy that belongs to yellow. Thus, it comes with an […]

Coral Color Meaning & Psychology

Coral is found between the spectrum of orange and red. It is considered a tertiary color and runs in parallel with our Kundalini stem in terms of the chakra system. While the shade of coral closely resembles salmon, there is still a striking difference. Salmon has a pink or whitish orange shade while coral will […]

Colors of Rainbow Meaning – Psychology & Symbolism

Rainbow has been treated as a magnificent and a splendid natural phenomenon. It will be even more beautiful once you learn that each colors bear significance. Rainbow will develop after rain shower or a storm. It is caused by the refraction of the sunlight that is hitting the raindrops. While rainbow was developed through the […]

Champagne – Color Meaning & Symbolism

When you heard the word ‘champagne,’ you will probably think about a bubbly drink. Incidentally, it is also the hue of a neutral color that belongs in the orange and yellow spectrum. It has a close resemblance to beige. Since it is a neutral color, you can add it with other colors to add that […]

Candle Color Meanings – What Do Different Candle Colors Mean

Colors can affect people in different levels. Our subconscious mind will react when exposed to different colors. For instance, red is exciting and stimulating. On the other hand, blue has a calming energy. Colors played an integral part in human’s life whether we are meditating or doing some creative works. If you want to be […]

Angel Color Meanings & Symbolism

There are different methods on how you can invoke the help of the angels. Perhaps one of the most renowned ways would be praying. However, using angel colors may be a fresh concept for you. Colors have particular energies that can be used to summon your angels. Understanding the angel colors and their corresponding meaning […]

Analogous Colors – Definition, Examples & Schemes

The color of your aura can reveal crucial information about your emotions, dreams, and thoughts. The amber aura meaning and interpretation may vary. You will have to factor out certain things in order to interpret the meaning accurately. This color and vibration can be discerned by individuals who are gifted in healing arts. It allows […]

Gold Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – The Color Gold

Gold is the color that pertains to wealth and extravagance. It also shares some of the attributes that are linked to yellow.  It is warm that can appear somber and conventional and at the same time bright and joyful. Gold is often linked with the shade of brown and yellow. It is also connected with […]