Green Color Meaning, Personality and Psychology – The Color Green

The green color meaning, personality and psychology is usually associated with peace, life, energy and nature. This color will have a positive effect on our eyes. The healing power of this color is believed to enhance our vision. This is because green tend to take greater space on spectrum that is visible to us. Traditionally, […]

Beige Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – The Color Beige

Beige is classic elegance at its best. It is a color that looks modern, fashionable and urbane. This pastel hue comes in variations of tan, ivory, fawn, khaki, off-white, peach, cream and sand dune that look attractive and contemporary. The word beige is derived from the vintage French word that describes wool in its natural […]

Black Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology

Black is mesmeric, beautiful, minimalistic and somber. It symbolizes dignity, stillness, intrigue and the unknown. It describes night falling over the city when it is time to unwind after a long day or a time to head outdoors for a fun night on town. Black evokes the still waters that run deep, the cool shade […]

Silver Color Meaning, Psychology and Personality – The Color Silver

Silver… the most widely cherished metallic is a perfect balance of white and black mixed together. Just like the balance between bland and spicy, bright and dark, hot and cold, young and old; the color silver lies flawlessly between the two parallels, White and Black. From the sleek Kitchenware to the skyscrapers shadowing the world, […]

Turquoise Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – The Color Turquoise

{Turquoise Color Meaning} – Turquoise… is the color of alluring sapphires and the roaring oceans. It is a color that, even in its appearance, provides calming vibes and is the most refreshing color of all. If you had the chance to witness a sunset, while standing at the deck of a ferry boat seeing the […]

Pink Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – The Color Pink

{ Pink Color Meaning } – Pink… the most delicate of all colors is a color of extreme vibrancy, happiness, and fun. It is also known to be one of the most appealing and appreciated colors among the general audience. The meaning associated with the color is as sensitive as the pigment itself reflecting gentleness, […]

Orange Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – The Color Orange

Orange is the color of freedom, adventure and emotional independence. It represents the rising sun, the dawn of a new day or a fresh chapter of life, when something new can happen. It describes competitiveness, particularly, fierce competition in sports, at the work place or in business. It is the color of orange blossoms and […]

Purple Color Meaning, Personality and Psychology – The Color Purple

Color can have a powerful effect on your behavior and mood. Different colors will have varying effects depending on the culture and experience of the people. Purple is often described as imaginative, mysterious, and spiritual. It is an uncommon element in nature and is often perceived as intriguing and rare. Learning the purple color meaning, […]

Blue Color Meaning , Personality & Psychology – The Color Blue

According to John Ruskin, “Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight.” Blue… the most dominant and vital color of human life surely is the warmest color to exist. It reflects our passions, our feelings, our emotions, our personality overall our whole existence. Our everyday life is heavily surrounded with […]

Red Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – The Color Red

To understand the red color meaning, personality and psychology, you will have to ask yourself how you feel when you look at this color. Red is often associated with something intense, warm, and vibrant. It is aggressive and exciting. It emanates the feeling of comfort and adoration.  This color warrants attention which makes it a […]