Gray Color Meaning, Personality and Psychology – The Color Gray

  Gray is made by combining white and black. It may not appear extravagant and will not warrant any attention. Some people think that it is uninspiring, dull, and depressing. On the contrary, this color may also be associated with being professional, stylish, sophisticated, sleek, and modern. Designers have been understanding the gray color meaning, […]

Birthday Color Astrology or Colorstrology – What It Says About You

Color has been proven to affect us consciously and subconsciously. Colors emit energy vibration that we can pick up. For instance, seeing red can make us feel energized. It can increase our metabolic rate and stimulate our appetite. It is a color that can encourage us to take action. If you have ever walked inside […]

Butterfly Color Meaning & Symbolism

A lot of people are amazed at the beauty of the butterfly. The unique shapes, patterns, and colors add to the beauty of this creature. You will be surprised to know that a small creature can hold a significant impact on our life. For instance, there is a concept known as the butterfly effect wherein […]

The Meaning of Colors in Dreams & Interpretation

Colors can be used to add beauty and glamour. It can also symbolize a range of things from happiness to mourning and from courage to gentleness. These symbols of colors can also be applied to our dream. There are times that we don’t realize that we are dreaming of white and black, especially when our […]

White Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – The Color White

Colors can have a powerful influence on you. You may walk into a room and the wall colors can soothe, uplift and energize you. When surrounded by colors that clash with your personality color, you may feel on the edge, anxious and stressed out. Meeting people wearing your favorite hues can create an instant connection […]

Sputum Color – Meaning & Interpretation

Sputum, also known as phlegm, is a substance that is secreted by our cells found in the lower airway of our respiratory tract. It differs from the saliva that is produced in our mouth. Sputum can contain a range of colors; it can be transparent, white, green, yellow, red, or pink. All of this can […]

Our smartphone is more than just a gadget. Some people are treating this as their fashion accessory. Generally, color is one of the primary factors that people will consider when shopping for their new phone. According to the experts, the color of the phone says something about the personality of their owner. Therefore, you might […]

How the Brain & Eyes Interpret Color

Color has different effects on humans. For instance, it has the power to stimulate emotions, influence our buying decisions, and help us in remembering things. However, according to the research, objects do not necessarily have color. They will reflect visible light wavelengths that will then be interpreted by our brain as shades of colors. In […]

Connection Between Favorite Colors & Political Views

Historically, red is related to communism and socialism, while green is associated with Islamic parties and environmentalism. It’s not unusual that political parties will use colors that will represent their organization. Just like in a marketing strategy, colors can be used to influence the targeted market. To a certain degree, the voter’s motivation in choosing […]

What is Color Blindness and What Causes it

Color blindness is a condition wherein you can’t see colors the way you should. It is mostly a genetic condition meaning you can be born with it. It generally occurs when there is a problem with the part of your eyes that senses colors. Most of the people with this condition will find it difficult […]