Indigo is a combination of violet and blue. It has been associated with magic rituals and New Age. Therefore, this color can indicate meanings related with spirituality.  Indigo may indicate perception and intuition. It is also necessary to achieve a higher spiritual awakening.  It awakens the most profound level of your consciousness. Since indigo color […]

Lavender Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology – The Color Lavender

It will not be uncommon to confuse lavender for other shades of purple such as lilac. However, lavender is a light or pale shade of purple that comes with a blue tint. Lilac on the other hand is also light purple but with pink tint. Nonetheless the lilac and the lavender color meaning in terms […]

What Does Color of Food Mean

People will consume food using their senses. While the smell and taste play a key role in determining the foods that we like, we also pay attention to the presentation and the color of the food. Even doctors and nutritionists will recommend people to include foods with different colors in their diet especially fruits and […]

What Different Aura Colors Mean

The color of your aura can reveal your feelings, thoughts, and personality. It can even guide you in deciphering the meaning of your dreams. Learning what different aura colors mean may seem to be complex. You will have to be very particular and precise on the shade of the color in order to interpret the […]

Salmon Color Meaning, Personality & Psychology

Salmon is a color found between the spectrum of orange and pink. They are known for their resemblance to the flesh of the salmon. While the real color of the salmon’s flesh may vary from white to orange or may depend upon their intake of shrimp and krill, the color of their flesh may still […]

Red Aura Meaning & Personality

Red aura is related with the human’s physical body specifically with our blood. Our blood serves as our vitality. It determines the wellbeing of our heart both in symbolic and literal sense. The blood that is running through our veins is our life force. Red aura is a type of energy that our body radiates. […]

Pearl Color Meanings & Symbolism

Pearl indicates the wisdom and knowledge of the person that has been acquired through years of experience. The pearl is a healing stone that is used to attract luck and wealth. It also offers protection against negative and evil energies. The pearl color meanings & symbolism is usually associated with its calming properties. Pearl has […]

Mood Ring Colors & Their Meanings

Mood rings have become popular during the 1970s. Since then, this has become a staple part of the spiritualism of the New Age. The color of the ring will transform depending upon the body temperature of the wearer. As we all know, our temperature will change contingent upon our emotion. The mood jewelry comes with […]

Lightsaber Colors Meaning – The Personality of the Wielders

The lightsaber is a weapon used by a more advanced and civilized age in the universe of Star Wars. There have been seven colors of the lightsabers that are used in the legitimate Star Wars production. According to the 2003 game version of Star Wars, the color of the light saber will depend upon the […]

Hidden Meanings Of Colors and Art

Colors have hidden meanings that can serve as powerful tools that you should use on your art. Once you managed to grasp the basic principle, you will find it simple to use the color to mystify and enchant your audience. Research have proven that colors are playing key role in influencing our personality and our […]