Worst Colors to Paint Your House With

Painting is perhaps the easiest and the least expensive way to give your house a fresh new look. Whether you want to add some hint of grey on your living room or coat your bedroom walls with ecru, a paint can change the feeling that the space is trying to evoke. When you are choosing […]

What Colors Are Good For Bedrooms

Colors Good For Bedrooms – You can create your dream bedroom with the colors you choose for the walls. It can be a soothing, dreamy place when you have serene and calming colors on the walls. It can be a romantic, energizing space when the color scheme is uplifting and vibrant. Colors that surround you […]

What Color Light Helps You Sleep Better

It has been long proven that being exposed on certain light can help in regulating our circadian rhythm. Therefore, it will not be surprising why most of us will fall asleep in the dark and will wake up at daylight. However, upon further research, experts have discovered that it is more than just the light […]

How to Change Your Aura Color to Change Your Life

Changing the color of your aura is possible but it takes great amount of work. Learning how to change your aura color to change your life will requires some changes in your habit and lifestyle. All these alterations in your thoughts and life will help you on your journey to become wealthier, happier, and healthier. […]

How Does Color Affect Memory

Having an excellent memory is essential in getting good grades, completing the tasks, improving focus, and enjoying life at its fullest. After a comprehensive research, experts have recently uncovered the link between colors and memory. For instance, art therapy which primarily utilize color has the power to stimulate the limbic part of the brain which […]

How Animals See Color

Different creatures will have different ways to perceive colors. There are animals that have no ability in discerning colors, and there are those that can see the colors that even the human eyes can’t see. The UV spectrum will be highly visible in the eye of the bees and some species of bats. How animals […]

Colors of Rainbow Meaning – Psychology & Symbolism

Rainbow has been treated as a magnificent and a splendid natural phenomenon. It will be even more beautiful once you learn that each colors bear significance. Rainbow will develop after rain shower or a storm. It is caused by the refraction of the sunlight that is hitting the raindrops. While rainbow was developed through the […]

Colors For Focus And Concentration

Are you aware that a spoonful of ice cream can taste a lot sweeter depending on the color of the room and the dish used to serve them? It has also been proven that color can have a direct impact towards the different aspects of our life such as our mood, focus, and concentration. By […]

Best Colors for Gyms or Fitness Centers

Colors will not just affect your emotion and personality, but it can also dictate the level of energy. You will be surprised to know that many professional sports teams will choose to paint the locker rooms with certain color to have a direct impact towards their energy. Color can create physiological and psychological response to […]

Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep in 2020

There is an ancient proverb which states that the food we eat is better than medicine when healing illness. Furthermore, sleep is more effective in treating sickness than food. Sleep enables us to regenerate and heal our cells. Therefore, you should guarantee that you will be able to have enough and undisturbed sleep. Before you […]